Office Space for Startups

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taught businesses the world over how to work remotely. Programmes such as Slack, Zoom and Google Hangouts have connected teams and clients, enabling businesses to continue as normal in uncertain times. With remote working proving effective for a huge number of business – both small and large – you may think that office space for startups is an unnecessary expense.

However, establishing a HQ for your startup has a great number of benefits. Not only does securing office space help provide an additional level of professionalism, it also delivers untold benefits for staff. If you’re on the fence about office space for startups, read on to discover why some business space is an essential asset for all companies!


#1 Create a Work/Life Balance

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A home office always sounds like a great idea, until you must face problems such as network connectivity, late meetings, miscommunications, and lack of human interaction – all of which damage productivity and overall wellbeing. On the other hand, an office space provides the company with the possibility to build a stronger team culture. Fostering shared experiences and exchanges, this allows your team to get to know each other and work collaboratively. An environment where people can support each other improves the overall quality of work, which can start to improve the success of the organisation. It also shortens communication lines thus increasing productivity.

Office space for startups means that your team can achieve a good work/life balance and maintain healthy boundaries with their working hours. It doesn’t mean your organisation and team need to spend 5 days a week working in an office, but it allows you to work flexibly and to adopt hybrid working policies easily.

A recent survey found that 86% of people surveyed want to work outside their office at least once a week. Despite this, only 15% of people want to work remotely full time. With 71% still wanting their company to have an office of some sort according to the survey.


#2 Project Professionalism

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An office space helps clients and investors look at the organisation in a more professional and legitimate light. Office space for startups also means that clients are provided with a private place to discuss contracts or sensitive information. As many start ups operate at home or in shared office space, client meetings are often done in public places. This can often be offputting for clients, as nobody wants to discuss the finer particulars of a contract in a place that they’re easily overheard!

What’s more, having a space that the team is proud to call theirs and come into every day will give them the energy to stay focused, creative, and connected.


#3 Build a Strong Business Culture

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Finding office space for startups can be difficult but it’s a worthwhile part of any businesses journey. It creates a structure for the organisation, helping to build strong employee relationships and creating a positive team culture through ideas and experience sharing.

Office space can also revolutionise the way you communicate. Technology has not only revolutionised the way we live, but the way we work. However, many people would argue that video conferencing is no replacement for an old-fashioned face to face meeting. This is every bit as true for internal meetings as it for external ones. According to HubbleHQ’s study, 75% of employees cited a lack of social interaction as a downside of working remotely. For many people, their co-workers eventually become close friends that they even see outside the office. Improving the social lives of your employees will do wonders for employee wellbeing, mental health and overall team morale. This can have a secondary benefit of improving their productivity whilst at work.


Office Space for Start Ups at the Una Group

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Since our founding in 2004, we have helped hundreds of businesses source and secure their perfect commercial property. With everything from offices, shared working spaces, warehouses and industrial space available to rent, our tenants come from wide range of sectors and include the NHS, Amazon and Burts Chips.

Our services align perfectly with start up culture. With fully serviced offices that provide flexibility, support and networking opportunities, our business parks are the perfect base for any fledgeling company. What’s more, we provide cleaning services, private meeting rooms, 24/7 access, security, a managed reception to supervise your post, visitors, and phone calls. We’re proud to provide all the comfort your organisation needs, so you can focus on your day-to-day business.

When you’re searching for office space for startups, you’re likely to see a lot of drab, beige offices. For a dynamic and modern business, this décor can feel very uninspiring and unreflective of your business. However, when you rent an office from The Una Group, this isn’t the case! You are free to customise the decor to your taste or choose one of our a fully furnished offices. The ‘ready to go’ offices are great for helping to cut down on expensive start-up costs.

We also offer highly flexible terms and contracts. This can include shorter lease lengths or the ability to upgrade within the terms of the contract. This is a great option for a start-up that’s growing!

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