Who They Are.

CoGen uses gasification technology to deliver waste and energy solutions. Using thermal conversion technologies, they produce renewable, low carbon energy from residual waste products; diverting waste from the local landfills and reducing the need to export waste. As an end-to-end distributor, the business has 4 biopower facilities in the UK – including their facility in Roborough, Plymouth.

What They Do.

With an in-house team and an established track record for delivering and developing environmentally friendly gasification solutions, the company are experts in their field. Working with a number of trusted partners and a host of technological solutions, they have the flexibility, expertise and capability to develop concurrent energy projects across the UK.

The technologies employed by CoGen are designed to minimise emissions and their impact on the environment. The renewable electricity produced from just one of CoGen’s facilities can sustain 25,000 homes to provide a cleaner energy source.

The Una Group have made a number of investments in local businesses in recent years, including CoGen.