Who They Are.

Engaged Communities C.I.C. is a social enterprise constructing an innovative community technology.

They envision a range of products, but their initial offering is GoVolunteering, the advanced volunteering software derived from the triumph of “Our Plymouth,” a platform they created amidst the pandemic. It achieved tremendous success and was employed to facilitate a substantial number of over 6500 volunteers, 300k volunteer hours, and a value exceeding £3m.

Building upon this accomplishment, Engaged Communities is currently developing the subsequent enhancement of that software, which will possess improved features and capabilities – a technological product aimed at capturing the volunteer market.


What They Do.

Engaged Communities is an organisation that prioritises people. This unique approach fosters rapid decision-making, continuous learning cycles, dynamic solutions, networked teams, and innovation.

By emphasising outcomes over inputs and actions, the team at Engaged Communities enables individuals to achieve better results and create social impact.

Engaged Communities actively recruits, trains, develops, and motivates talent from diverse backgrounds. This ensures the formation of an agile workforce capable of providing community-focused solutions, serving clients and other stakeholders through effective project management, user experience, and technology solutions.

They have cultivated a safe and inspiring environment that empowers individuals to reach their full potential and thrive. Moreover, Engaged Communities proudly adheres to the living wage standards, demonstrating their commitment to fair compensation.