Who They Are.

Real Green Concrete is the invention of Dr Aissa Bouaissi, a chemical engineer. Having worked in academia and industry, he worked out that there was a chemical process which activated the hardening of the mixture, rather than crystallisation and hydration as occurs with OPC.

His process is carefully calculated and can be modified to meet the various types of concrete applications. Because the process is a chemical reaction, all materials are coated with the liquid chemicals, and as such, a wide variety of waste materials can be included in the mix.


What They Do.

Real Green Concrete is a concrete without Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), the product used to create concrete by the process of hydration. By not using cement, RGC reduces the carbon footprint of concrete by circa 80%. RGC uses the usual mixture of sand and aggregate with a range of different waste materials, but with natural chemical activators. As their hardening process is a chemical reaction, they use far less water and there is no significant rise in temperature. Setting times are flexible and can be modified to suit project needs, but can be as quick as one hour. Initial strength is gained rapidly so that striking of moulds can take place within 8 to 10 hours.