Who They Were.

Crumb Rubber Ltd was a technically innovative tyre rubber processor producing ultra-fine rubber powder and rubber granules for traditional and novel applications.

Based in Plymouth, with state-of-the-art processing capabilities and technical expertise, they acted as more than just a rubber crumb supplier, also offering partnership for material and product development.

The product was primarily used as a cost-effective alternative to virgin polymers and is used in a wide range of plastic and rubber products. Crumb Rubber Ltd not only supplied the rubber powder for that purpose but also helped companies develop new and cost-effective products and applications.

What They Did.

Crumb Rubber operated one of the highest quality rubber recycling operations in the world. Thanks to investment from The Una Group, their state-of-the-art factory opened for business in the summer of 2007. Verneos, a polymer compounding company, was launched on the same site 3 years later.

Using a three-step recycling process, the plant could capably recycle the materials from end of life vehicle tyres, separating the various components into clean streams of material, ready for reusing and repurposing.

Crumb Rubber Ltd’s primary objective was to produce significant volumes of controlled high-quality rubber crumb and powder. We believe that our plant in Plymouth offered the finest quality rubber powder in Europe. In a large number of tyre recycling plants, the fine rubber powder was simply a by-product of the shredding process and is therefore of variable quality.

The company’s mission was to help increase profit margins at rubber and plastic manufacturing companies. This was accomplished by substituting their high-quality recycled rubber powder for a percentage of the virgin material content. Not only did this help boost profitability, but in many cases, their products also helped to improve the mechanical performance and aesthetic qualities of the product. Customers were also able to support their sustainability objectives by using the products as they were derived from end of life vehicle tyres.