Celebrating Earth Day with Real Green Concrete

Celebrating Earth Day with Real Green Concrete


On this International Earth Day, The Una Group is excited to spotlight one of our innovative investments: Real Green Concrete (RGC). RGC represents a significant step forward in sustainable construction practices, showcasing the potential to revolutionise the industry. We are proud to be at the forefront of this promising solution.




Introducing Real Green Concrete: A Step Towards Sustainability


What makes Real Green Concrete stand out is its composition—it does not contain Ordinary Portland cement (OPC), a major component in traditional concrete production. By eliminating OPC and incorporating natural chemical activators along with sand, aggregate, and various residues, we’ve achieved an impressive 80% reduction in the carbon footprint associated with concrete.

The Process Behind Real Green Concrete’s Eco-Friendly Composition


The process behind Real Green Concrete is as efficient as it is eco-friendly. Unlike traditional concrete manufacturing which relies heavily on water and generates significant heat during curing, our chemical reaction-based hardening process requires much less water and maintains a stable temperature. This not only conserves resources but also allows for flexible setup times tailored to specific project needs, with initial strength achieved in as little as one hour and mold striking possible within 8 to 10 hours.

Offering an OPC-Free Solution: Lowering the Environmental Impact


Real Green Concrete’s vision goes beyond just creating a sustainable material for construction; it’s about offering an OPC-free solution that significantly lowers the environmental impact of the construction industry. The production of OPC contributes a staggering amount to global CO2 emissions, and by promoting alternatives like RGC, we’re playing our part in reducing environmental damage worldwide.



Real Green Concrete’s Versatility and Durability


One of the key advantages of Real Green Concrete is its versatility. From precast elements like bridges, sewers, and cladding to specialised items such as staircases and beams, our concrete’s rapid hardening and high strength make it a cost-effective choice for various applications. By using RGC, projects can double production without relying on heat to speed up the process, further reducing energy consumption and emissions.


Join The Una Group in Building a Greener Tomorrow


At The Una Group, we recognise the harmful impact of OPC on the environment. Concrete, while essential, has contributed significantly to carbon emissions globally. By championing Real Green Concrete, which not only eliminates OPC but also utilises waste streams from other industries, we’re promoting a truly sustainable construction material that meets diverse performance needs. Whether you need high-strength concrete, excellent shock absorption, water durability, or fast-setting properties, Real Green Concrete may help you. Join us in celebrating International Earth Day by embracing sustainable solutions like RGC and building a greener, more resilient future together.



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