RGC Wins Innovate UK Grant to Scale Novel Eco-Friendly, Permeable Concrete Technology

RGC Wins Innovate UK Grant to Scale Novel Eco-Friendly, Permeable Concrete Technology


The Una Group is proud to share good news! An exciting announcement from one of our investments, Real Green Concrete (“RGC”), reveals the successful securing of a coveted Innovate UK Transformative Technologies award for a project that will lead to the production of an eco-friendly permeable concrete. This achievement opens up exciting prospects for the development of environmentally safe, cost-effective, and durable construction materials with superior engineering properties such as strength, porosity, and water resistance.



Recently, RGC has developed technology based on the utilisation of a variety of raw materials, primarily industrial by-products sourced from industries including steel manufacturing, power stations, and mining processes, to create a product that is free from Ordinary Portland Cement (“OPC”). This innovative approach results in a product that exhibits approximately 80% lower CO2 emissions and 30% less water utilization, while being based on industrial waste materials. Traditionally, concretes have been produced using OPC and natural aggregates. However, these materials contribute significantly to CO2 emissions (approximately 0.6 tonnes for each tonne of cement produced), and aggregate extraction from quarries is a known source of dust. The challenge lies in designing porous materials that effectively safeguard against stormwater while being eco-friendly and cost-effective. It is crucial to develop new technology that controls CO2 emissions, reduces water consumption, and utilises waste materials. Such advancements are key for the cement industry to provide solutions for climate change mitigation. The controlled lab environment has already demonstrated the high strength, permeability, and porosity of RGC’s novel formulation, making it ideal for applications where low permeability can lead to flooding. The ongoing six-month Innovate UK Transformative Technologies project focuses on scaling up RGC’s water-permeable concrete formulation, which is made from RGC’s OPC-free cement. The aim is to achieve significantly better output efficiency levels than conventional methods in terms of water absorption and/or filtration, mainly during runoff.


About Real Green Concrete:


Real Green Concrete is the brainchild of Dr. Aissa Bouaissi, a chemical engineer who has extensive experience in academia and industry. Dr. Bouaissi discovered a chemical process that activates the hardening of the concrete mixture, unlike the crystallisation and hydration process associated with OPC. This carefully calculated process can be tailored to meet various concrete application requirements. As it is a chemical reaction, it allows for the inclusion of a wide variety of waste materials in the mix.


About Innovate UK:


Innovate UK plays a crucial role in driving productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses in developing and realising the potential of new ideas. As the UK’s National Innovation Agency, Innovate UK supports business-led innovation across all sectors, technologies, and regions of the UK. Their aim is to connect businesses with partners, customers, and investors who can help transform ideas into commercially successful products, services, and business growth. They actively fund collaborations between businesses and research entities to accelerate innovation and promote investment in R&D across all economic sectors and regions of the UK.


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