Support YMCA Plymouth Empowering Youth and Changing Lives

Support YMCA Plymouth Empowering Youth and Changing Lives


The Una Group is proud to support YMCA Plymouth, a local and independent charity dedicated to helping children and young people realise their full potential. Please join us in supporting this great work and making a difference by ensuring their invaluable programmes thrive. We would like to highlight two of their outstanding programmes that support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing them with much-needed support on their journey to adulthood.


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Youth Club (Pathfinder): A Safe Haven for Growth and Development


YMCA Plymouth is a place where children aged 12 to 14 can flourish, surrounded by a caring community. The Pathfinder Youth Club, operated by staff from Argyle Community Trust, provides a safe and welcoming hub where young individuals can enjoy a hot meal, access support, and participate in fun activities that help them develop key life and social skills. This programme is completely free and aims to engage young people, keeping them off the streets and improving their mental and physical health.



MY Future Mentoring Programme: Inspiring the Next Generation


Education is crucial, but real-world skills and guidance are equally important. YMCA Plymouth’s MY Future Mentoring Programme connects young individuals with volunteers from various businesses and industries who generously donate their time. These mentors inspire and empower students, teaching them valuable employability skills and preparing them for a successful transition into the workforce. Lives are being transformed through this incredible programme, equipping students with the tools they need to succeed.


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Your Support Matters!


Without adequate funding, these two extraordinary programmes by YMCA Plymouth are at risk of discontinuation, leaving young children without vital support and services that are instrumental in shaping their future.

How You Can Help:


Make a Donation: Your financial contribution, no matter the amount, directly supports the continuation of Pathfinder and MY Future Mentoring. Every donation makes a significant impact.   Volunteer Your Time: Consider offering your time as a mentor or participating in YMCA Plymouth’s volunteer opportunities. Your guidance and expertise can be life-changing for a young person.   Spread the Word: Share this post and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to support this worthy cause. Together, we can create a wave of support that uplifts and empowers children and young people.   Let’s stand together as a community and ensure that YMCA Plymouth’s programmes can continue to provide essential support and guidance to those who need it most. With your help, YMCA Plymouth can make a lasting difference in the lives of these young individuals.

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