The Una Group for Red Nose Day 2023

The Una Group for Red Nose Day 2023


As most of you may know, Red Nose Day is coming up soon, and we have set up a campaign ‘The Una Group for Red Nose Day 2023’ to be part of it. This year, we are planning to dress up in red and hold a fundraiser to support a good cause. The money raised will help support people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and tackle issues such as homelessness, mental health problems, and food poverty here in the UK and around the world. A portion of the money raised throughout the Red Nose Day campaign will also go towards the emergency response to the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria.


Red Nose Day Banner-The Una Group

Red Nose Day Banner-The Una Group


It is easy to be part of this; some people from our team will be wearing red from Wednesday 15th March to Friday 17th March and we encourage you to contribute with whatever you can. There will be a box located at the Airport Business Centre reception to collect the donations or you can do it straight from the JustGiving page run by Comic Relief.

Moreover, Jenny Tapscott has generously created a teddy bear for the event, and we will be guessing its name. We will be taking guesses for £1 per entry, and the person who guesses the correct name will win a prize. All the funds raised from this event will be donated to the Red Nose Day cause.

This is just one of the ways you can help, but there are plenty of other options to support Red Nose Day and you can find it on their official website. We encourage everyone to participate in this event and make it a success. Let’s come together and show our support for a good cause while having fun.


About Red Nose Day


Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign run by the non-profit organization Comic Relief, which aims to end poverty and improve the lives of people in need. The campaign originated in the United Kingdom in 1988 and has since spread to several other countries, including the United States.

Red Nose Day typically takes place annually on the second or third Friday in March, and this year it is back on Friday 17 March 2023. During this time, people are encouraged to purchase and wear red noses, which are sold by Comic Relief as part of the fundraising effort. In addition, various events and activities are held to raise money and awareness for the cause.

The funds raised through Red Nose Day are used to support a variety of programs and organizations that work to alleviate poverty and promote social justice around the world. These include providing food and shelter to homeless people, supporting mental health services, and funding educational initiatives for children and young adults in need.

About The Una Group


The Una Group is a company committed to delivering a flexible, supportive, cooperative, and professional service – helping people achieve their business ambitions.

Formed by a group of like-minded individuals who initially joined forces for a single business project, we quickly realised that our collaborative approach meant that when other opportunities arose, the group was better positioned and equipped to tackle it than any individual working alone. We believe in working together as one and have a collaborative approach to all projects and opportunities.

In Latin, una means ‘all together as one’, which sums up the way we approach all projects and opportunities. Our business is based on building lasting relationships within our community. Whether that’s through helping businesses to source commercial property to rent in Plymouth, investing in businesses to help them grow and flourish, or through our involvement in a variety of diverse environmental activities.

The Una Group provides a commercial property portfolio consisting of various business spaces across five different business parks in Plymouth, including offices, warehouses, and industrial units across five different business parks in Plymouth.

Simply put we have 3 drivers – have fun, make some money, and do some good!


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